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We encourage women to be active in their field, use our environment to network and collaborate on creative projects, and to gain a greater sense of self love and confidence when stepping into their work field.

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Gurl 2 Girl Makers Markets

Upcoming Events

Brand Tips

At Gurl 2 Girl you will have the opportunity to attend workshops and webinars built to help you take your brand to the next level!

Collaborate with Like-Minded Women

Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who have similar interest and ideas as you. Build long term relationships with amazing women.

Makers Market

Sign up for our Maker’s Markets! This is an amazing opportunity to showcase and build your brand. Locations: Atlanta, Ga & New York, NY!

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Member Testimonials

This network group had been a God send! I feel so embraced and supported by the ladies in this group. We share a common goal and its empowering to work with such passionate ladies. The owner is so diligent and organized which makes it all the better. I feel like I can count on everything we do to be a success because she always puts our best foot forward. Networking is key and the connections and business since I joined this group have been unmatched. Its amazing how fast we are growing and how authentic each and every member is acquired. This group is for the honest hardworking girl, someone you can relate to and someone who is on the rise. Together we are all glowing and growing.

@boss__mom Owner of FRSH LLC

Joining G2G has been one of the highlights of my year. It has opened many doors filled with opportunity and allowed me to make connections with so many remarkable women. I love the energy I receive from this group of girls and there's always something new to learn that aids in your business and self growth. I am delighted to say I am a part of such a positive and impactful group.

@jortenearts Owner of Jortene' Arts

Gurl 2 Girl is heaven sent! I love being apart of a community of empowering women. Gurl2Girl has not only inspired me to become more creative with my own brands but to venture out to other creatives and share our mission as collective of women. I hosted my first Sip & Sniff candle event with the help of other G2G members and I was so thankful not only for the resources but the support from each and every member. I'm so honored to be apart of this dream and spread our message to other women creatives because we all deserve support in our own creative avenues, and as women it's important to show our strengths and not be afraid to challenge the odds were often faced with.

@_anyani Owner of Any Unisex & ANI+CO.